The Problem with Mainstream

Sure you got a big mainstream idea in your head, and sure it´s going to be the next BIG THING. But unluckily sure thing is – it´s not! So before you put on the lighters and celebrate your million dollar idea, let´s take a look at the facts: People ignore new things because and are afraid of you because they do not know you. So to reach their fearful brains and become well known fast, you have to go ballistic and spent a lot of money on print advertising in magazines, or even TV. What a waste of your money!

People do not want to be disrupted!

Let´s face it, because it is true. Just think about how you react to ads on the telly. Do you want to see these crappy ads all the time? I guess not! Many of us even block out ads altogether. Marketing today needs to be more clever, much bolder and sometimes even psychic (not mental, although this might help as well to go viral), to reach new potential customers. Simply because people have learned to ignore the mainstream commercials they are confronted with all the time.

You need to create a product that is so revolutionary, interactive and fills such a desperate need, that (oh, I guess you already know it, right) you just cannot deliver! So what you do instead is, create more of your useless junk then throw money at it, or let´s better say you throw it away. But wait a minute, didn´t you originally start out to make money, not waste it?

Be different, be small, be approachable and dominate your niche!

So instead of dreaming about the next big thing in mass market mainstream entrepreneurship and owning the ultimate cash cow that you can milk forever and ever, why not start with a nice little gadget that has the power to dominate a niche market? Why not listen to someone from that niche and let them tell you exactly what these guys need and you just go on and build exactly that? It would get instant attention in this market niche because, hey – you made it for them with their help, so these guys will connect with their buddies and spread the word about their involvement and how cool this thing is, all by themselves! After all, it´s just what they were looking for, right? No money involved, no bribes hustled, no advertisement campaign or department burned at the stake. Just listen and learn! There is even a word for it: This is what we online marketers call Product Market Fit!

Playing the big game!

Alright, I am the first to admit it. Maybe there is more potential in the iPhone than in any product you and I will ever build, develop or even dream of. But that´s just because I am no Steve Jobs (RIP), and I am certain you do not lead a corporation with the cloud of Apple Inc. either. BUT: The truth is (yes – out there, I know 🙂 No really. Fact is that you just have to think about the proportion of the matter at hand.

Even though Apple started as an underdog, nowadays Apple is a big fish, even one of the biggest mainstream players in the pond. So it has to feed a huge taskforce, develop new stuff that sells in millions of quantities, feed their worldwide distribution network, power human relationships with the monsters of the press and of course they have some of the greatest minds working for them in design and financial matters as well. Not even counted the patents and department of lawyers to enforce their rights.

So now do I bow my head in awe and just shrink away? No way! Get a big enough gun and take a buckshot in their universe! Because Apple is a content provider by now. Long gone are the times when they were only building machines that could count ones and zeros. And they are in need of new content all the time, so why not start developing FOR that universe and just deliver something small but powerful?

Mainstream potential you never imagined

Powerful, because you can take advantage of existing mainstream infrastructures like iTunes and the AppStore to introduce and sell your products to the whole world without having the need to built up these relationships yourself! That is much easier than starting from scratch! Just think about the guys that use the iPhone as an articulated remote control for their toy helicopter.

Nice! With just a little PR, good reviews and some luck you can earn more with a simple App, than with a big dream that never comes true! And voilà – all of a sudden your have gone mainstream after all!

The sky is the limit

Stop crying that you have nothing to do with telecommunications and cannot develop for the iPhone and nothing. Use your imagination and search for the big fish in your pond. They also need complimentary by-products and accessories. Sure as hell there is a way to leverage their power to help sell your products as well!

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