How to ruin your reputation in just 4 weeks

ruin your reputation

Usually, I am not into cursing in front of my audience, but this ONE thing got my blood boiling! As you are going to see, using the wrong software tools really can ruin your reputation in just 4 weeks!

I am sure some of you have already seen the registration page for my free webinar about Advanced Sales Funnels. And NO, I will not include a link at this time, and I even take down the webinar registration for one day in favor of the free email course on Sales Funnels that you can subscribe to at the top of the page. But let me tell you what has happened that made me so mad: I just had to throw WebinarNinja out of the window as their software is complete BS!

I have used it for about 4 weeks now, and the problems never stopped. It even appears their problems are somehow related to some digital sort of rabbits because they made babies and multiplied, again and again, each day. One of the most effective marketing strategies used today is to evergreen your launches, which means that you are using a webinar replay, set it on autopilot and voilá you have a very simple evergreen launch sequence. But WebinarNinja did not even embed my prerecorded video correctly, and the visitors showed up to an empty webinar room! WTF?!?!

In the end, I lost about each and every user that ever signed up for my webinar dates.  That´s why I am pretty sure that when you read this post that you have not yet registered for the webinar! (How´s that as a result for promoting your webinar like crazy?) But the absolute worst is that I have lost their trust forever and have made a total jackass out of myself!

Now, the thing is that I am working on an eLearning course about Advanced Sales Funnel at the moment. And one important aspect of the funnel is to use webinars to highlight your product showcase and get people excited about a live event and then make them an offer when they are still bedazzled from all your lyrical lures and brainwashing mambo-jambo (I mean your expertise, of course 🙂

So to take a shortcut here… the best webinar software on the market is WebinarJam. But the problem is that it will cost you a minimum of 794 USD for a full year. And there is no monthly plan for the full package that you need to go evergreen. You really have to fork over those Benjamins to even get your hands on it. So I was thinking I could steal my way through the backdoor and use another (cheaper) tool for as long as I am still setting up my own sales funnel. Well, as it turns out that was a BS move on my part and I totally deserve the punch to the face that came as a result!

AARRRGGHH! But here is the thing: I am a fighter and whenever something tries to pull me down like that I spring back up, dust off my shoulders and spit the devil in the face laughing. Which basically means, I will still go on and create that eLearning course! You might as well call that stubborn but I call it determined and highly motivated! And I promise that I will do make pretty darn sure that it will become the very best eLearning training you have ever seen on Sales Funnels.


If nothing else, then this made it personal. Now I am vested. And this incident still added a layer of extra motivation to my already fanatical belief that leveraging Sales Funnels is the very best thing you can do to boost your online sales in no time and on a permanent basis.

So here is the big takeaway from this post (please Retweet 🙂

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Turns out the problem has been caused by YouTube itself because they changed some things in their user interface for ALL ACCOUNTS without giving any notification to developers (I heard this is the usual case for them). As of now, you need to enable „Monetization“ for your YouTube videos to be able to make future use of the Video embed and Live Streaming functions!

That means that YouTube (or Google which is the owner) wants to earn more money by forcing you to integrate an AdSense account with your YouTube account.

Now really, I did not need that at all, but as you don´t even have a choice you have to manually disable monetization for each video if you still want to have ad-free videos in the future.

BS move YouTube!

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