Recap Week o4 – Stats of my First Month

So this is it.. the first month of the Startup School #HACKABUSINESS Challenge is over and here are my stats so far:

Twitter Followers: 215

Students: 900

Spendings: 4.500 USD

Earnings: 0 USD

Hm, when I take a look at these stats it looks kinda bleak, but you have to consider that I have launched my Startup from ZERO. And the numbers are not really accurate because you need to know that my spendings include the stuff that I already had bought some time ago. So this is more like a summary of the cost of my equipment that I need to create the website and the video courses.

You also need to consider that I needed to build the website first before I can even start to offer any products or services. So this did not miraculously just appear from thin air. This first month was completely spent on creating the basement of my business. Next month I am going to tackle the storefront side of my business as well as starting to connect with local startup networks to offer live workshops. Maybe I even get around to start the creation process of the first eLearning products.

O.K. so with the stats out of the way, what did I spend my time on this week?

Betalist (again;)

Well, I finally finished my new fancy landing page, installed all the right referral tools and submitted to Betalist again. AND got rejected again! You might remember that the first time around it has been too dull for them. Well, this time around it was too fancy!? They just don´t know what they want, he? Anyway, I will not waste any more time trying to please someone else´s favor. Their service is just some kind of vanity factor after all and is not able to pull in consistent traffic each month, but you use Betalist to create some one-time prelaunch hype for your product. But that is just one of many!

The free promotion of my Udemy course has burned out after about one week. So I am not at about 950 students in just one week. Even though that is totally awesome, it needs to be seen if such a low-quality audience is able to convert to paid products in the future.

Local Events still rock!

Then I rediscovered a new old trick: I created a local group and want to offer live workshops in my area. Tickets to the events will be sold using Currently, I am looking for the best locations to partner up with for my workshops. I am living in a densely populated area of Germany and we have many big cities in under one-hour driving distance, so it makes perfect sense to offer workshops in as many places as possible to make the best use of my neighborhood.

The free Zapier vs. Twitter hack

As you might know from watching the recap video I started an experiment on Zapier using a Twitter Auto-Follow zap. I have a free plan for Zapier that allows me to use up 100 tasks a month. One follow would be one task in this case. it took about 5 minutes to set up and worked for about 30 minutes before I ran out of tasks. That means in about 30 minutes I had automatically followed 100 people on Twitter that were using a certain hashtag. In this case very broad keywords like #Startups and #Growthhacking. The results were pretty amazing for a 5-minute experiment, though:

47 new followers, 25 likes, 3 retweets, 6 mentions, and 13 direct messages in the following 72 hours. Not too shabby, he!?

Please stay tuned for Week 05 of the #HACKABUSINESS challenge

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