Recap Week o3 – 800 students in 48 hours

This is the recap of week 03 of the #HACKABUSINESS Challenge

Another week gone just like that. Another 80 hours down the drain and family members become echoes in the distant. Well, it´s not actually as dystopian like that but if I keep working like a maniac it might not take much longer. That is the dark side of self employment, I guess. Not knowing when to stop. Time has no meaning anymore. Which day was it again?

Landing Page Trouble Part 3+4

I did not see this coming but this week was another time loop for me as far as my landing page redesign is concerned. There is just no working solution for a video background that actually plays the audio with my theme. As I am not willing to get a custom job done for that, I am now looking at other ways to create a super sleek user experience. I have just bought a fullpage section slider and it looks and works really cool. Well, maybe it´s even too fancy. We will see, when I submit to Betalist again.

So I hooked the MyMail Email system up with ConvertPlug. A lead generation optin plugin that you can buy on the Codecanyon marketplace from Envato. And voilà. It finally works! I also created a fullpage subscription block that will popup for people that have not yet subscribed to my blog.

Thank you page

As I am now able to collect emails, I needed to create my Thank you page. This is the super important page where you will redirect your new subscribers to move them forward into your sales funnel. This page usually will contain one or two next steps or Tripwire offers that the newbie gets shown. In my case I have shot a 12 minute video (which might be way over the top!) where I tell a backstory of why you don´t need an MBA to launch a startup today as well as 2 action steps. Actually this might be a little too much asked from a new subscriber, so I will most probably review that again sometime later, but for now it is online.

The first step that I have included is a call to action to nail down your biggest problem in the comments section. That was when I discovered that my favorite comments plugin (Disqus) does not feature a shortcode, so there was no way to include it when building the page with Visual Composer. Instead I am not using the standard Facebook Comments plugin to get the job done. Unluckily I have lost the ability to log in with Twitter and Google+ but hey, at least it works, right!

The second step that I want new subscribers to perfom is to invide their friends through their social media channels. For this feature I have thought about a special invite function where you don´t only share the link to my website to your timeline, but you can send a direct message to all of your fans and followers at once! This feature is super powerful and here is the link to that premium plugin.

What about that Joint Venture from last week?

Problem is that I started to drill down on the JV proposal when I checked his teacher stats on Udemy and realized that whole equation didn´t sum up. He had only about 10K students and a handful of courses. Not the big guru I was let to believe. So I asked a few questions and got weird answers but of hot air. In the end, they told me they would realize about 5 students a week.

Wait, what?

O.K. so 5 students a week is BELOW the average I would expect for any paid advertising campaign on no matter which platform of your liking. So after that eye opening experience, I decided to promote the course myself and see if I couldn’t do better. I also realized that I needed to build my list and audience as well as get some social proof to even get started. With this goal in mind I made the course completely free and promoted it through the appropriate channels. It only took 48 hours to get 800+ new students. By the end of the week I even had 1.000+ students and switched the pricing back on when the stats stopped moving up on their own.

Takeaway Value

Now the important lesson here is that you should offer your new course for free to gain some traction and social proof. It only took me 2 hours to execute a free promotion that flooded the gates with 1.000+ new students in just one week. The promotional effect stopped after the first week, so it might be safe to say that this seems to be an average promotion time-cycle. The best value I got was a new audience with low quality because no one has spent a dime so far. And with an audience like that you may not expect people to throw diamonds at you for your next best thing. Anyway, I deem this experiment as widely successful. Now I have a headstart and social proof when I finally start a paid advertising campaign or hook up with a deal engine to get some paying customers on the show.

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