Recap Week 06 – Content Structure

recap week 06 - content structure

This is the Recap of Week 06 of the #HACKABUISINESS challenge.

What happens when you get stuck with website content structure?

Right, you don´t have time for anything else! And that is exactly what happened to me in week 06. I had to create a ton of content structure from the last 5 weeks that I was not able to create at the time I was supposed to do it simply because back then I was stuck with more important tasks like to get my website up and running.

So in week 06 I spend a whole lot of time on creating basic content structure like shooting videos, curating content, editing, uploading and writing. Yeah, that takes a whole lot of work and before you know it the week is already over again. Boom just like that.

Creating a wedding cake one slice at a time

I want to help fix the 3 biggest problems of any startup: 1. Business Model, 2. Sales Funnel, 3. Free Traffic. Part of my plan is to create those KILLER ELEARNING COURSES for you guys, so you get running and up to speed with Growth Hacking in no time. And yeah, creating this kind of Step by Step content also takes a lot of time. So I decided to split that big fat wedding cake into many small consumable pieces of YUMMY, which basically means that I will create several workshops and tutorials that will all be small pieces of that bigger puzzle.

Some of this intel will be available as Live or Online Workshops and Webinars, Other as tutorials. That way I can already drip feed some of the good stuff before we hit the motherlode. This strategy even has a name and it´s called „Piloting“. That way I can create many „Pilots“ like from a TV series and see which way my audience wants me to go. I will also be able to discover the holes in my outline as I will stumble upon some lack of understanding from the students. That way I can also plug that hole. But mostly it doesn´t get me into trouble for spending a few months on creating a beast of a course only to fall into the notorious trap of the Cycle of Guaranteed Failure when I finally release the courses and no one cares because I have never told anyone in all this time.

So the much better alternative is to create lots of chunks that will all assemble to something much bigger later on and on the way test it and getting as much feedback from real live students as I can to make it not only great but INCREDIBLY AWESOME!

Setting up SendOwl and Celery for Preorders

So in order to make this work and to be able to sell subscriptions to my Mastermind Group, I needed to set up some kind of cart system. Last week I told you how much trouble I had with complying with the EU VATMOSS tax laws and thus I had to work my way around that mess to make it work.

In the end, I decided to use SendOwl to sell the subscriptions to the group as well as the upcoming Marketing Packages. But as SendOwl is not able to accept Preorders for the eLearning Courses, I had to set up Celery as well. The best thing about Celery is that it´s free as long as you don´t make a sale, so they don´t charge a monthly fee. I really appreciate such a strategy in any SaaS because it is a great user onboarding experience and especially gathers to the people that are just getting started to work with professional tools.

Autoresponders are the Magic Ingredient

Next thing I set up was the first part of my autoresponder series. It´s is still super crude but I already have a plan how to improve it. So the plan was to get the introductions and welcome messages set up, then craft some dedicated campaigns for the Mastermind Course and eLearning Courses later on. I have already detected some issues that I need to take care of and get out of the way in the next few weeks, so it was good that I started early with this.

I have already detected some issues that I need to take care of and get out of the way in the next few weeks, so it was good that I started early with this. It´s a constant road of learning and I have always enjoyed learning the things that I was interested in, even though my teachers hated me in classes that I did not care about. For example, I never learned any English vocabulary, instead, I read a ton of books. And my teacher knew exactly that I had not learned what I was supposed to, but when he asked me to translate some things, I always got at least the meaning right out of context.

Why I tell you that is because this totally relates to Growth Hacking. As anyone familiar with online marketing can tell you, there is not only a single beaten track to success. Everyone can take a totally unique ride to get there. But the underlying tactics are very similar, even though they might depend on your niche. So if you take note of the overall strategy, you will most likely be on your way into the right direction.

This theory has been confirmed again this week when I attended an SEO webinar from Brian Dean of Backlinko.

So what is next?

Obviously, I am still stuck with adding even more content structure, but next week I need to finally set up my Mastermind Group on Facebook. I will also explain, why I use Facebook instead of hosting it on my own website or a Mightybell community. And I will start a crazy Twitter experiment and I am already excited about how that may work out! So stay tuned for next week and make sure to watch the video below!

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