Recap Week 02 – Everything F@?#ing takes too long!

This is the Recap of Week 02 of the #HACKABUSINESS Challenge

… and the first reactions are in! WTF?
Last week I shot my first Video Training for Udemy. It´s called AntiHacker Security for WordPress. I had my trials and tribulations with the loathsome equipment that I bought (hint: don´t go too cheap on your microphone and lighting system!), and the Udemy guys gave me a hard time to get the course approved at all! Nevertheless, they saw the quality of the information and accepted my course. But I had to get a new mic to improve my audio quality to an acceptable level.

What you can expect from your typical Marketplace

So the course was online but it was exactly as I had expected… nothing happened! I had a steep price tag with 50 USD, being the highest possible price on Udemy. If this sounds weird you need to know that Udemy just made a complete change to their pricing system about a week before my course went online. So everything I got with no social proof as an unknown teacher with a brand new course was chirping crickets. It is exactly the same issue I have already encountered with all big marketplaces. No matter if you take a look at Amazon, ASOS, Storenvy, Shopify or Udemy they all share the same experience. If you are new to the game and set sail in an overcrowded market, no one will even register you on the radar. That means that you need to proactively start marketing yourself to get any sales.

Tip: Even though I stopped selling on EBAY about a decade ago, I dare say that for a new seller it might still be the best way to have any chance of seeing continuous sales right from the start. That is because of the nature of the auction system, so the offers that are running out will DEFINITELY be seen on page one in that category. But as EBAY has no education or online courses category (at least that I ever heard of) it is not suitable for my needs at the moment.

Joint Venture Proposal

Now at least someone recognized the value of my course and approached me because I had not made a single sale. He did not contact me directly but used some cronies to do the dirty work of reaching out to prospects. O.K. you can hire VAs for cheap, so maybe that way even a smart move. I will be testing this „4 hour work week“ thing myself for one of my upcoming projects. Anyway, they made me an offer that seemed good enough. The will join the course as co-author and promote it to their 50K students and laid a bait of about 2.000 new students on the table. We would split the revenue 50/50. Well, sounds fair, right? The coolest part is that you don´t have to lift a finger or spend your hard earned cash on paid ads that only convert about 2{29aa455276397f00c1193b4e8f2cd2513ab565e44090161a127889106909cabd} max. on average.

Landing Page Trouble Part 2

I have worked with WordPress for more than 8 years now and even as a full-time developer, so I definitely know my way around. But WordPress has a tendency to get stuck sometimes when certain settings just won´t save the way you set them up. This is especially true for the all-time bestselling Visual Composer. I love/hate this plugin! It must be a nasty piece of female code because I can´t live with it but on the other hand, I surely can´t cope without either!

Did you know that MacBook Airs are indestructible?

There are times then this cruel plugin just gives me the creeps and I want to throw my lappie at the wall! That being my loved MacBook Air, I could never do that even though I have positive proof that it would survive that misuse without so much as a scratch!

How do I know? Well, some time ago there has been a burglary in the mall where I was working as a retail store manager. The store was focussed on Apple products and I happened to bypass on the scene the next morning before store opening. As I knew one of the guys from the usual hellos and byes I asked him what had happened. He told me that not only had they robbed the stock, the thieves had committed some serious vandalism as well and trashed the whole store with one of the MacBook Airs. You know those pretties have a solid aluminum frame, right. I know it is true because he even showed me the video of the security camera.

That was a freeeeking motherjesus to look at, I can tell you. These fellas really were mad as hell! … but the coolest thing was he also showed me that MacBook. There had been hardly any scratches at all and when he pressed the power button it even chirped up like nothing had ever happened! Unbelievable! Now that would have made a viral ad campaign for sure! So even though I have absolute prove, I would never try and do this at home! I love my little Apple baby too much for that!

Back to the Original Story…

So the landing page really frustrated me because I was playing around with video background that did not process the audio, the referral campaign optin tools just did not work and the copywriting just took me way too long. But good copy usually takes some time to nail, so I won´t write that down in my book of grudges. But then I found another way of compensation for that, because …

I wrote my Business Plan in just 1 DAY

Yes, that is absolutely possible. If you have a plan, and as I usually do, I thought about all of this for a very long time before I even started, so it was all pretty clear to me. As I have a written a handful (or more) marketing plans already, I knew exactly what was expected from me. I nailed down the hard facts one by one without emotion or any detail and just send it off to the chamber of commerce for approval. but please mind that it did not contain any details or secrets of the trade it was just a 20-page sucker for plain facts. No love, no emotions, no secret strategies. That I reserve for my own private marketing plan. This is usually a piece of modern art which spans around 50-pages of pure online marketing strategies and incredibly detailed market research.

Now if you wonder how you can write a business plan in just one day or how to create a masterpiece marketing plan, I will show you in my upcoming masterclass course: The Rocket Blueprint. It´s all about Business Model Generation and creating a solid and sustainable base with a recurring revenue powerhouse right from the start. You can preorder it here.

 Stay tuned for the Recap of Week 03!

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