O.K. this is AWESOME nuts! You might already know that Infographics are really popular on social and I totally agree because I enjoy watching data being visualized in a fun way. But lately there have shown up some select few animated infographics that just blow my mind!

How the heck can you create an animated infographic?

Hell, I don´t know! Actually, I am asking you guys to shot me a hint in the comments below if you know how Email Monk did their magic from the Infographic below. And hey.. I am NOT talking animated Video Infographic! Those have been around for some time and I am using GoAnimate or PowToon for that, but I have yet to find out how to do something as awesome as this:

Unluckily you cannot see the animation through the embed code, so you have to click on it to go to the original website and there you can see the animation effects! A car is driving all through those streets along with you! This is so cool!

Infographic - Landing page: Best Practices

Source:Infographic – Landing page: Best Practices

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