Why Email List Building is the Best Killer Sales Strategy

Let´s be honest for a second… Getting traffic to your website or marketplace listings is THE MOST CRUCIAL part of any online business. You can have the most awesome product, but when no one comes around to see it, you will not make any sales. And no sales means no business. It´s really that easy!

But when it comes to online traffic most people still trust any kind of trickster or fortune teller with their SEO-Magic and rather go broke on Paid Advertising to see results fast than send a single email to their customers. Because it could be seen as SPAM! How odd is that?


Most people still trust any kind of trickster or fortune teller with their SEO-MagicClick To Tweet


Trusting in Google, Facebook and Twitter as your best traffic resource might break your neck! 

A much more down to earth factor is that when you trust your whole business on the goodwill of the big search and advertising networks, then they totally control your business. And THEY dictate the numbers (or should I say Dollars you have to pay for a click!). What happens when Google puts another dent in your SEO-Magic or Facebook pulls another friends-favoured timeline update?

Did you know that Facebook already prevents your post to your fanpage from reaching more than 3{29aa455276397f00c1193b4e8f2cd2513ab565e44090161a127889106909cabd} of your fans? And just recently they even stomped that meagre 3{29aa455276397f00c1193b4e8f2cd2513ab565e44090161a127889106909cabd} into the ground by tweaking your timeline to show more of your real friend´s funny cat pictures? What do you do the next time around? Just pay even MORE DOLLARS per click, like you always have?

It would be a no-brainer if advertising would perform like crazy and deliver the highest conversions like clockwork. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Conversion rates are dropping like flies from the wall because people have not only learned to ignore your banner ads, but most have even installed tools to block ads altogether. And as you can see from reading your mobile visitor´s stats, YES, you get massive reach, but little to no direct conversions at all.

Now, and you are telling me you would rather go on beating people on their head with your banner ads than start a friendly 1-on-1 conversation in their personal email inbox?

Here´s why you should start Email List Building TODAY

No matter what some naysayers would like you to believe, Email Marketing is NOT DEAD! On the contrary! Building an email list will allow you to establish a relationship with your audience even before making any sort of sales pitch.

In fact, the renown market research company McKinsey has found that Email is about 40x more effective than Facebook or Twitter when it comes to generating sales. Also, when it comes to launching new products, email lists convert at rates at least 3x higher than any other channel. That´s because email gives you a direct connection to your audience.

Before you can build your audience, you need to figure out who Your People are

Geeky developers, bookaholics, cool mompreneurs? Get a clearer picture of who your ideal target customers are and what they care about. Understanding your target audience and where they hang out online will not only guide your outreach strategy but also inspire the content that you create for them.

Give potential subscribers a compelling reason to sign up 

Any visitor who trusts you with their best email address wants to be sure that doing so is worth their while. The most important aspect of building a loyal audience or followership is to “make a promise and then tremendously over-deliver on that promise.“
A good way to encourage people to follow you is to offer some of your work for free. If you’re an author, this could be some of your writing. A teacher, some of your lessons. A startup, a free trial of your software. You name it…

Start selling more by giving away extra value!

When you provide extra value in a giving, no-strings-attached manner, you’re setting yourself apart from the snake oil peddlers of the world. That may sound too simple, but providing real value is a surefire way to build a loyal audience. Keep this in mind throughout the entire email list building process, whether you’re crafting an email, writing a blog post, or pitching a new product.

Feed the Hype

You probably write lots of emails that aren’t directly related to your business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t point out your money making adventures. Link to your website and social profiles in your email signature. And while you’re at it, send out an email to your close friends about what you’re up to. Your true friends will boost your signal to their networks and amplify your reach.

Thou shall teach

Sharing valuable content with the world is key to Email List Building. If you can educate, entertain, and inspire people, they’ll keep coming back for more. Think about what type of content you can share? Focus in on a topic and develop a theme. Share your expertise, process, learnings, and strategy.

Always remember keeping your audience top of mind when creating content. Think about the transformation you want your audience to undergo. How are they going to be different after taking action on your content? Ask yourself what insights you need to provide to make that transformation happen? People signed up for a reason. Nobody likes to be left hanging in thin air. Stay in touch with your growing list of followers.

What doesn’t get opened doesn’t get read

Let’s face it, email inboxes get flooded daily. And OMG YES; I am speaking out of experience here. It’s easy for any given email to slip through the cracks and go unread. However, you can earn your audience’s attention with effective email subject lines. The best subject lines spark curiosity which is a compelling reason to open your email.

Here is an easy to use Headline Analyzer tool from CoSchedule that you can use to craft the most awesome killer headlines every time!

The art of selling to your audience

At some point, you’ll want to sell your product to your audience. But how to do this without feeling just a little bit slimy? Always remember, that this isn’t about tricking your audience into buying your work. You have something truly valuable to offer.

And here is an extra trick from the pros: Before you go blasting away with possibly unwanted content to your list like a wild buckshot, think about sending a precampaign notice that you will be starting a promotion and give people the opportunity to opt-out of the campaign before they just go on and unsubscribe from your list altogether.


The best kind of selling is selling the thing that people already want.


Realize that Email List Building is an ongoing process

You’ve got a growing list. You’ve (perhaps) got your first product. You’re done, right? Nope.

This is a career, not a gig. Your mindset should be about your next ten projects. What worked well? Think about whatever you can do to massively improve on your product or offer? Identify the bottlenecks and showstoppers in your last campaign and remove or improve them.

Every audience, niche, and career is different, so there’s not a single perfect formula that fits every business. Also, even after a product is released, it’s not over. Think about updates and repeat your launch again and again. You can never reach the total potential of your target audience! As soon as you nailed that process, think about producing more of the same related content for your audience.

Repeat your launch again and again. You can never reach the total potential of your target audience!Click To Tweet
What´s Next?
I am sure you have understood the potential in email list building and starting a conversation with your audience. It´s time to show you how you can start building yourself a list in no time.
In my FREE WEBINAR about ADVANCED SALES FUNNELS, I will introduce you to the most powerful tactic that you can use to start your email list building today. Some of our customers have even used this strategy to triple their sales in record time.

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