Curated Reading List #05

Growth Hacking is a strong part of how many Startups made their first baby steps into the business world. This issue of our Curated Reading List here at Startup-School shines some light on some of the most interesting and maybe underrated aspects of Growth Hacking. So make sure you stay tuned

Recommended Reading List

7 ways to attract your ideal clients just by being AWESOME online by Sarah Morgan / Personality is part of a strong branding. YOU are special, so show it!

How I used Medium to get my first 20.000 subscribers in 6 months by Benjamin Hardy / The money is in your List! Ever heard that? 🙂 Sure that´s also true for freelancers and not only bloggers and marketeers!

The complete Startup Toolkit (The Best FREE Online Startup Resources right now by Thomas Oppong / Huge List of FREE Awesomeness! Thanx for compiling this Thomas!

6-figure Blogging: How to monetize with a Video Course (in 30 Days) by Ashley Hockney from Teachable on SumoMe / Elearning is a very hot trend at the moment and you can still earn a lot of money with what you already know! It´s easy, so jump on the train while it´s still moving forward!

19 Growth Hacks for SAAS by Lance Jones from Copyhackers / If A/B split testing is failing you, try this genius list of proven growth hacks!

How to send Email like a Startup by SendWithUs / A guide to make every email count!

These Five Resources Are the Equivalent of a Collage Course on Influencer Marketing by Kristen Matthews / Title says it all, mate 😉

Recommended eBooks 

Will it Fly? How to test your next business idea so you don´t waste your time and money by Pat Flynn / A shortcut to success? I am all in 🙂 Now a Wall Street Journal Bestseller!

Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky & Braden Kowitz / Another #1 bestseller on testing your idea. 

It starts with a great product by Intercom / Awesome free shorty by the guys at!

Trust me I am Lying by Ryan Holiday / Confessions of a Media Manipulator

Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday (as well) / A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing and Advertising

Recommended Startups & Services – Great spreadsheet list where to get press coverage for your Startup! – Discover tomorrow´s Startups, today – Influencer Outreach & Content Marketing Platform – Better Social Analytics Dashboard for WordPress – SEO Rank Tracking Tool with White Label Client PDF-Reports

SendWithUs – Turn any Email Provider into a Growth Marketing Platform

Recap Week 05 of the #HACKABUSINESS Challenge

Week 05 brought their own problems in form of the much hated EU VATMOSS tax fail! I needed to set up my membership plugin and cart system to sell digital products and subscriptions. But i realized very soon that there is not a single membership plugin that is able to handle the EU tax regulations! – Growth Hacking and Mastermind Group for Startups. What you REALLY need to know about eCommerce, Growth Hacking & Product Market Fit. Please subscribe to my weekly curated blog to benefit from Best Practice Startup Advice.

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