Curated Reading List #02

90{29aa455276397f00c1193b4e8f2cd2513ab565e44090161a127889106909cabd} of all Startups fail! AND most Startups suck at User Onboarding. Do you see the connection there? Make sure to listen very hard to your early users and remove the friction and bottlenecks. Here are a few great posts to get you started:

Recommended Reading List

This 1 User Acquisition Hack that took us from 150K to 2M in 170 countries in 5 months by Lucas Emma / How Social Tools cracked their onboarding bottleneck

Support, Marketing, Community, and PR—They’re All the Same Thing by Elizabeth Tobey /About using communication to improve the customer experience

A brief history of social media and 4 predictions for the future by Ashley Read / Awesome insights and some interesting viewpoints.

12 Top-Tier Entrepreneurs share their Best Advice on Pricing Strategy by Jonathan Chan / Foundr Magazine Exclusive

25 Ways to stop churn in it´s tracks by Sujan Patel / Step up your game by removing friction and bottlenecks

How to predict if your next venture will be profitable by Casandra Campbell / Detailed look on how to use a Break Even Analysis

Triple your Email opt-in rate by using this 6 step lead magnet creation process by Neil Patel / Sums up with a nice step-by-step process

Get more Sales with these 5 email receipt marketing tactics by Tucker Schreiber / Incredible useful purposes to reimagine your plain old receipt.

Why I ruined my inbox abandoning 89.000 USD in products across 100 stores by Matthew Quinn / FANTASTIC research that shows a HUGE amount of potential for your abandoned carts!

10 things I learned while learning Facebook Ads by Kane Jamison / Primer on the Learning Curve of Facebook Ads

Recommended eBooks

Startup Playbook by Sam Altman / The director of YCombinator shares the most important basic lessons for every Startup. (FOR FREE!)

Zero to One by Peter Thiel / The Co-Founder of PayPal turned Venture Capitalist shares his advice for growing any business. He is not a strong tweeter though 😉

Recommended Startups & Services

Social Tools – Create Contests and Promotions on Facebook

Shopify – Cloud-based Ecommerce Shopping Cart with awesome AddOn Features

SumoMe – Tools to grow your Websites Traffic – The Future of Marketing is Personalized

Recap Week 02 of the #HACKABUSINESS Challenge

Recap Week 02 of the Startup School #HACKABUSINESS challenge. It F@?#ing takes too long! Watch the ups and downs of my second week in this crazy rollercoaster ride of launching a Startup on my YouTube channel.

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