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You might not even realize it, but you are learning new things every day on the side. While reading the morning newspapers or email newsletters, you hear new things. While topics might vary mostly depending on your sources, you still get to discover new things on a daily basis just by scanning the content of your mailbox.

Focus on a particular content topic

I for myself have sorted my newsfeeds to get me my daily dose of the startup, marketing, and tech scene. So while I digest my chosen diet of words each day, I often discover real gems from brilliant minds that share their professional insights with me as their loyal subscriber.

On top of that, I try to read as many new book and ebook releases as I possibly can to stay ahead of the competition. You need to realize that you have to focus on an individual content topic, because if you tried to stay current with everything you might be remotely interested in, the full flash flood of information would burn out your mind in just a few days. So you need to focus on what matters most to you or the project you are currently working on.

Watch out for new directions

While I am enjoying the read, more often than not, I get further guidance or stumble upon a great explanation for stuff I was wondering about myself for some time. Or I finally get an original definition for an idea I was toying around in my head but had not yet fully assembled myself. Those are the things that just make my day and that I enjoy the most: discovering new things while reading or learning.

Actually, I consider reading any book as learning. Being an author and business consultant myself, I just can never have enough information, and I am always looking for a new angle of the stuff I think I already know. The ironic thing is that I have a terrible memory, so I keep rediscovering things I have already forgotten or can watch movies again and again without spoiling all the fun. Ain´t that cool 🙂

Reconnect what you already know with what you just (re-)discovered

The most interesting part of this (re-)discovery is that I can learn new things every day and make new connections based on the stuff I know at that time. Let´s say you read a book some time ago about the fundamental basics of content marketing as well as some issues that did no matter to you at that point. In the meantime, some projects have come and gone, and now you are working on another thing that needs you to change your perspective and reconsider your previous assumptions.

Maybe even the fundamentals or ground rules have completely changed because time moved on, and social media changed the game forever. All of a sudden you would remember an idea from that old book that you did not use back then, but that would make a perfect fit with a thesis from a newsletter you received this morning. Then you need to start searching for new connections and bridges to use these new tools to your advantage and all of a sudden you can discover a brand new solution for a current problem because you can reconnect your old knowledge from a brand new perspective on current issues.

Create content from a new perspective

You can quickly discover new valuable content by just changing your old dusted perspective and reconnect it with the stuff you know from a brand new direction. I consider this „learning by reading“ and it happens all of the time with more things than you might realize yourself. The best way to profit from this would be to create a small report or blog post out of what you just learned or realized for yourself and post it to your tribe of followers so that they can profit from your insights as well. And that is exactly what I intend on doing with the Startup School blog.

If you are really good, you can sum up all of your smaller ideas and create a basic guide in the form of an eBook on a whole new content topic. That´s when you are on your way to becoming an influencer because you can be the first to submit a revolutionary thesis or redefine your industry with a genius insight from a brand new perspective. All just by reconnecting the stuff you already knew with current day to day topics adjusting your perspective with an open mind to discover new things for yourself. Even if you think I keep repeating myself in this post, it works. Why not start by compressing what you just learned to squeeze out the gist of it to your followers?

What experiences did you make by learning for yourself? Let´s discuss this in the comments section below… – Growth Hacking and Mastermind Group for Startups. What you REALLY need to know about eCommerce, Growth Hacking & Product Market Fit. Please subscribe to my weekly curated blog to benefit from Best Practice Startup Advice.

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